Hallmarking is a process whereby each piece of jewellery is independently tested and hallmarked by a third party Assay Office. Eleanor Jewellery Design is registered with the Sheffield Assay Office and all items that meet hallmarking standards (silver items over 7.78g or gold items over 1g) are sent to the Assay Office to be hallmarked prior to you receiving them.

Nowhere else in the world are the standards as high as they are in the UK. This gives you (the consumer) the ultimate buyers protection. It is not possible to detect whether a piece of jewellery is truly silver or gold just by the eye and this process has been put into place to give you assurance that your new piece of jewellery is of the highest standard and the precious metal is true.

For further information, you can read more here. (Link to Sheffield Assay Office hallmarking page) -https://www.assayoffice.co.uk/assets/uploads/2019%20Dealers%20notice.pdf


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