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gold sheila studs, hammered gold circle studs, open circle studs, inifinity studs
open circle studs, sterling silver studs, gold vermeil studs

Sheila Studs

mini gold hoops, gold plated huggies, gold vermeil hoops, mini lynsey hoops
mini lynsey hoops, gold huggies, gold plated huggies

Mini Lynsey Hoops

gold rebecca bangle, hammered gold bangle, made in manchester
rebecca bangle, namesake jewellery, textured gold bangle

Rebecca Bangle

hammered gold hoops, rebecca hoops, large textured hoops, big gold hoops
classy gold hoop, hammered gold hoops

Rebecca Hoops

sheila necklace, namesake necklace, gold vermeil necklace
sheila necklace, hammered pendant necklace, circle pendant necklace

Sheila Necklace

mini rebecca hoop, small gold hammered hoops, gold plated huggies
tiny gold hoops, gold vermeil hoops, mini gold rebecca hoops

Mini Rebecca Hoops

slim gold hoops, large gold hoops, gold plated hoops, lynsey hoops
slim gold hoops, gold vermeil hoops, gold plated hoops, lynsey hoops

Lynsey Hoops

Gold personalised necklace, gold initial necklace
Personalised necklace, gold personalised necklace

Initial Necklace

gold lily hoops, gold chunky hoops, solid gold curved hoops, gold drip hoops, eleanor jewellery design earrings
lily hoops, gold lily hoops, melting gold hoops, gold drip hoops

Lily Hoops

mini gold bar studs, tiny gold studs, second piercing studs
phoenix studs, luna jewellery, christina studs, gold stud earrings

Phoenix Studs

gold chunky chain necklace, solid chain necklace, gold plated chunky chain, gold vermeil chunky chain
gold chain necklace, manchester chain necklace, made in manchester

Manchester Link Chain Necklace

From  £270.00
chunky gold chain bracelet, solid gold chain bracelet, chunky gold plated chain
gold manchester collection, gold chain bracelet, chunky gold plated chain bracelet

Manchester Link Chain Bracelet

gold tbar, gold t-bar, gold vermeil tbar necklace, tbar necklace, t-bar necklace, eleanor jewellery design
earth tbar, gold earth t-bar necklace

Earth T-Bar Necklace

gold vermeil ring, gold earth ring, gold vermeil jewellery uk, gold plated ring, hammered gold ring
hammered gold ring, gold stacking ring, gold vermeil handmade ring

Earth Ring

gold vermeil catherine ring, eleanor jewellery design
slim gold band, gold wedding ring,

Catherine Ring

gold drop pendant necklace

Molten Drop Necklace

ejd, molten metal pendant necklace, molten metal necklace, gold and silver necklace

Molten Mixed Metal Pendant Necklace


Gold Vermeil Recoating

From  £20.00

Sheila Ring

gold initial pendant
Personalised necklace, gold personalised necklace

Initial Pendant


Gold Polishing Cloth

hammered gold ring, gold rebecca ring, chunky gold plated ring, eleanor jewellery design ring
gold chunky ring, hammered ejd ring

Rebecca Ring

mini gold hoops, gold plated small hoops, gold vermeil hoops, eleanor jewellery design
mini laura hoops, chunky gold hoops, gold huggies

Mini Laura Hoops

gold lynsey bangle, gold plated slim bangle, gold dainty bangle, eleanor jewellery design
delicate gold bangle

Lynsey Bangle

luna necklace, gold moon necklace, gold plated luna necklace, gold vermeil moon necklace
gold luna necklace

Luna Necklace

laura ring, eleanor jewellery design, chunky gold ring, solid gold ring
laura ring, namesake ring, chunky gold plated ring, stacking gold ring

Laura Ring

large gold hoops, gold plated hoops, chunky gold plated hoops
chunky gold hoops, gold vermeil hoops, gold plated hoops, 18 carat gold hoops

Laura Hoops

gold kelsey ring, hammered gold ring, gold plated slim ring, gold stacking ring
gold stacking ring, 30th birthday jewellery

Kelsey Ring

gold gabriella necklace, large hammered gold pendant, eleanor jewellery design
gold plated hammered necklace, large pendant necklace, molten gold necklace, rustic gold necklace, gold vermeil

Gabriella Necklace