Where it all began...

Where it all began...
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about how Eleanor Jewellery Design came to be, what inspired me to design handmade silver jewellery and create the collection to date.
I'm Eleanor, the Designer, Maker, Chief of Quality Control, Packing and Posting! I have always loved buying and wearing silver jewellery and as I have grown older I have learnt to appreciate quality and find myself investing in timeless pieces more and more. I began to curate my own collection blending old and new pieces that I could wear everyday and would be around for a long time to come and being recently engaged (yay!) had looked into the idea of designing and creating my own wedding ring. This always felt like a pipe dream and as lovely as the idea seemed; When would I learn? Where would I learn? Surely somebody else was better qualified to create something that was to last a lifetime rather than me fulfilling a dream of taking a jewellery class?
However, Lockdown 1.0 turned out to be a lot LOT longer than the original 3 weeks that were originally planned and although I never thought it could happen endless days in the garden were starting to become a little bit monotonous. The fact that my fiancé was now WFH and busier than ever also made me crave the endorphins that come with being productive and a work/life balance. Could this be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and build something that I was truly passionate about? If there was a time to jump head first into making my dream a reality it was now. I took the chance and enrolled on every course I could from Silver Jewellery Design and Creation to Small Business Branding & Management...I loved it!
I loved businesses that had strong and transparent ethics and balanced them perfectly with beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery. I decided early on that I wanted to create a luxury feel and wouldn't compromise on this when it came to product, packaging and customer service.
I had a clear idea of exactly what I wanted to make and who my ethos would strike a chord with. So it began! It's a strange feeling pressing 'publish' on a website that you have created yourself and beginning to navigate a new industry especially during the strange times the past 12 months has brought us but I can honestly say I have loved every minute so far (even the Post Office queuing in very typical Manchester rain!) and I cant wait to see what the future holds.
Thank you for the support, the feedback and joining me on this journey.
With love,
Eleanor x

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